twin pregnancy week by week
twin pregnancy - week by week

week 1 - The Start
week 2 - Pregnancy Tests
week 3 - Spotting and Cramping
week 4 - Blood Tests
week 5 - Becoming Pregnant
week 6 - Changing Body
week 7 - Morning Sickness
week 8 - Ultrasound Scan

week 9 - Heartburn Worsens
week 10 - Emotional Times
week 11 - Baby Hands Form
week 12 - Twin Heartbeats
week 13 - First Trimester Ends
week 14 - Bump Showing
week 15 - Baby Rolling
week 16 - Feeling Better

week 17 - Bumpy Times
week 18 - Vocal Chords
week 19 - Brain Development
week 20 - Determine Sex
week 21 - Baby Characteristics
week 22 - Communication
week 23 - Teeth Buds
week 24 - Loving Twins

week 25 - Waking Habits
week 26 - Final Trimester
week 27 - Eye Development
week 28 - Big Bump
week 29 - Weight Gain
week 30 - Kicking Twins
week 31 - No Space
week 32 - Twin Movement

week 33 - The Finish in Sight
week 34 - Little Miracles
week 35 - The Time has Come
week 36 - At Last
week 37 - My Twins were Born
week 38 - Induction
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It gets easier with twins...for a moment (22 months)

Finally I can say it is getting easier as my little twins are beginning to understand the words that are coming out of their parents mouths. When they have a major meltdown we can now talk to them face to face. However in this situation you do have to speak to them individually and with TV and all distractions turned off. My own 5 word mantra is "Listen to me a minute" and the twins know that this means something serious and calm down for a moment to see what their parent is going to tell them. Sometimes this speech will make them even angrier but I try to be as truthful and honest with the twins as I can be because at the end of the day when you try to lie it will come back to bite you even worse. So even if the truth is something I know will make them angry I try to tell them it is not the worst and tell them of all of the fun times that are still around the corner. Time is another concept that is difficult to communicate to the child so in this case I usually just say "soon" or "very soon" or even "in a minute" though they are actually beginning to know what a minute is. They are currently reaching their 22 month birthday and speaking a lot clearer now. They can say lots of words and most animals names clearer. My daughter is a little ahead of my son when it comes to the communicating side but my son is ahead when it comes to climbing and wrecking the house!!!

Twins at 19 months old now and words have started to come out at a fast rate. The twins understand most of what we say by the tone of our voices and they reply "ya" to some questions. Words such as "all gone" and "ball" can be heard too. Most twins at this stage have about 100 to 200 words depending on the stage of development that they are at.

Twins are now 14 months old. Such is their rate of development that we have stopped counting months and more taken notice of the outstanding developments that we witness as they grow from day to day. The can both nearly stand up. They can walk with their walkers and they can take their first couple of steps to you. A truly magical moment indeed. They both copy words that you say and they say the words mama and dada. Sometimes baba and bana for banana. owwwwww for cat. Its endless. The next thing that we will be providing on the website is the best practice for getting your twins to sleep at night.

Twins were born at 37 weeks and what a journey it has been so far. At the moment they are 25 weeks old and only now are they starting to sleep longer during the night. It still means we have a lot less sleep as instead of waking to feed one baby there are two little angels with their mouths open

Pregnant with Twins - The Story Week by Week

How do I get my twins to sleep all night?

The eternal question. Many people have different ideas. Some people let them "cry it out". Others will go in with the soother every now and again. Most twins wake up earlier in the morning than a regular singleton. They will wake at 5am and the mother and father think this is wrong. However it happens with most twins. Waking times for most twins are as follows during the night up until the age of 18 months.

8pm .......Sleep

12midnight Awake crying

430am .....Awake

Usually when they wake at this time the best thing to do is to give them a cuddle or bring the one who is awake into your own bed

Teething and Twins

Around 6 months you will find that your twins are starting to teeth. This is a tough period for you as their sleeping patterns which had just started to settle down are now back to square one. We normally put ours to cot at 7pm and they wake again at 6am. Teething time means that they are now going to bed at 7-30pm and not getting to sleep until 9pm. The cries of pain will really break your heart but you can help by giving your twins some of the medicines on the market and remember reassure them and cuddle them lots. We have found that this is no time to blame yourself for not being good enough at putting the babies to bed. They will cry until they are done with pain which you can help by giving them correct amounts of products like Calpol or Bonjela or Teetha Powder. Once these products kick in your twins will normally nod off and hopefully sleep for a few hours. Go to bed then because it is likely that they will wake again around 3 or 4am and you will wish you had been in bed. Wear warm pyjamas to bed so that when you get up in the cold of the night you will feel comfortable minding your babies. Teething will last up to 2 years for your twins but of course they will not be in pain for the whole of the 2 years so just bear with it. Each episode of teething will usually last up to 2 weeks and the front teeth and back molars around one year are usually the worst.

Latest on the Twins

At week 34 now and the twins are starting to go gaga and baba. Also some other sounds mixed in too like bra and gog. They are crawling better and also since 7 months sleeping better too. It is usually around now that they do tend to settle in their sleeping patterns so a lot of the hard night work is done by now. Of course your twins will wake up from time to time again especially when they are feeling unwell but most babies aged under one year old do get sick more often than not as their little immune systems have not yet fully adapted to the outside world just yet

The secret with twins is establishing a balance that suits you and working around it. Of course most people say that the best thing to do is sleep when the babies sleep but when there is a lot of work to do around the house this can be hard to do

New milestones are being met in each and every one of the last 25 weeks. The babies are able to grab things more than they did before. They both look to each other for ways of doing different things as twins do. They poop more as they have started to take solids more on this next. The two of them shriek and laugh much more. They shriek and laugh at their parents a lot more and soon will cry much more when we leave the room as far as we know

Week 27 and the twins are beginning to interact with each other much more than before now. They find each other very funny and play with thier toys with both hands and they even pass the toys to each other. They look at the pictures in their books with great concentration and they also look at the pictures on their soft blocks. They are sleeping slightly longer at night but still wake a couple of times with with or poo or for a feed though overall the feeding has been weaned out from the nighttime.

Babies around Week 29 should be starting to try to sit up on their own and they will test their balance. The twins are trying to grab toys off each other. They are also eating solids and lots of them at that. They no longer have the same dependency on bottle milk but drink this too nonetheless.

So back to the start off at week 23 we fed them a little bit of rice and then they seemed to take very well to this so we moved on to some fruits like pear or butternut squash. They both like this, however they are not too fond of carrots. We though maybe we are rushing into feeding them foods and maybe we were because they are pooping a lot and it is a bit watery. If you have a 6 month old baby that is doing watery poos you would be advised to go see your doctor who will either give you antibiotics or will tell you all is normal as in most cases it is. Ours are pooing a little bit less now as we have cut out some fruits, maybe we are too early, and we are continuing on the rice until they get used to that.

The pregnancy seems an awful long way away now when you think of those long 37 weeks and the time at the hospital. Now the twins are looking forward to spending their first little Christmas trying to understand the holiday season and the little toys that they are being given. They will of course be most grateful but wont know

The first couple of weeks of the twins was a constant feeding battle and very little sleep at all. This was a killer and nearly lasts for 6 weeks though it can be made easier if family or friends help out as they did for us

After this you start to get into some sort of routine but you will be amazed at how fast your babies are taking formula and just how much they are taking. It will be around the 4oz mark at this stage. The feeding times will start to be more spread out after about 10 weeks as you try to feed them maybe every 4 hours instead of 3. Depending on your twins though this may not always be possible to do

After the babies are 12 weeks old they should have a regular feeding pattern and you will then start to decide and how it best fits to get the sleeping arrangements in place. At this stage they will have been moved from their moses basket (3 weeks) to their cots and though they may have been together in the cot for 2 or 3 more weeks it is now time to put them in seperate cots. All very expensive but whats best for babies is best for you

After the twins are born you will be very busy and the main thing to establish is a routine. This is very hard to do at the outset as you adjust to life with twins after maybe having no babies at all in your life. Feeding is very regular for the 2 hungry mouths and they will sleep every now and again for a couple of hours. The first couple of weeks are very hard because the little angels keep waking up during the night and the day and you get barely any sleep at all and it will really test your ability to be a parent. What I did was to meditate while I was holding baby or rubbing them lightly while they are in the crib. Later on as the finally begin to settle in the crib after 3 or 4 weeks you discover that you have to put them in a cot seperate to each other because of course there is now so little room as they grow at an alarming rate. For small people among you it is tough as it will be almost impossible to carry 2 twins at a time so make sure that you have plenty of seats or bouncers or places for them to sleep. They are waking after 5 or 6 weeks at the same times nearly as babies are trying to set their own twin routines. They are recognising things that mean its sleepy time. Pyjamas, Bath, Dusk, Silence. They will sleep usually from 7pm to 1am if you are very lucky but a lot of the time they may not go down until 8 or 9pm and then they wake up at midnight, 3am and 6 or 7am. You feel it is unfair that your sleep is being so interrupted and you start banging into things and dropping things that you would not normally do. Also you get baby brain really bad resulting in things like pouring tea into your cornflakes unbeknownst to yourself and walking into the door. This is perfectly normal as your own brain is very tired too. The best thing to suggest is to have a nap around the time your babies nap if they nap at the same time. You can try harder to get your twins to sleep at the same time if they are not by the time they are 9 or 10 weeks old and they understand more of what is going on in the world around them. A baby of this age will usually have formula, play a little get whingy, sleep and then this is the time you either nap or make some bottles

Week 1 - Is period missed

Week 2 - Conception of babies happens

Week 3 - Fertilised eggs have formed

Week 4 - Eggs attach to the lining of uterus

Week 5 - Cells have formed with heads distinguishable

Week 6 - Growth very rapid, tadpole like formation

Week 7 - Twins looking like teeny humans now

Week 8 - Head larger than rest of body which has to develop

Week 9 - Twins have formed into real baby shapes

Week 10 - Babies go from an embryo to a fetus

Week 11 - Twins essential organs develop

Week 12 - Babies are fully formed head to toe

Week 13 - Twins eyes move into position

Week 14 - Twins growth really speeds up now

Week 15 - Twins skin is very thin at this stage

Week 16 - Arms and legs complete and only grow from here

Week 17 - Head and rest of body more in proportion

Week 18 - Twins are beginning to kick now

Week 19 - Your babies body nearves are coated with myelin

Week 20 - Babies senses develop

Week 21 - Babies are able to digest water from amniotic fluid

Week 22 - Baby has sweat glands

Week 23 - Twins hearing much better now

Week 24 - Babies stronger and 1 in 5 chance of survival in outside world

Week 25 - Babies can now hold their feet

Week 26 - Lungs maturing and growing to do

Week 27 - Babies may now be thumb sucking

Week 28 - Babies enjoy the sound of your voice

Week 29 - Brain carries on growing

Week 30 - Babies early body hair is disappearing

Week 31 - Despite early growth slowing weight continues to increase

Week 32 - Twins can turn their heads

Week 33 - Rapid brain growth

Week 34 - Development of immune system

Week 35 - 99% of babies born now survive without any problems

Week 36 - Very little room left for babies now

Week 37 - Twins considered full term and born any time now

Week 38 - Twins usually induced at this stage

Week 39 - Rare that twins not born or induced by now

Week 40 - Post term twins born now at the latest

You must make sure that you are enjoying your quiet time together before the stampede of pitter patter arrives. This is also a good time to read up on any questions you may have on what to do when the babies arrive. It is a life changing event and truly one that will bring great joy to your lives

These weeks of pregnancy made you a stronger person too and you realise that you are going to be a great parentto your twins so lets get going and make the house all ready for those kids

Fraternal Twin Pregnancy Week by Week

The average twin pregnancy will last 37 weeks. However some twin pregnancies go full term (40 weeks).

This website will provide a week to week guide to twin pregnancy.

Week by week twin pregnancy examination is the goal of this site in the hope it will help people.

Another thing that mothers experience a lot during twin pregnancy is a lot of negative emotion.

Twinsmiles will provide a lot of positive fact about week to week twin pregnancy. e.g. Once you get past week 14 the chances of miscarriage greatly diminishes


Fraternal Twin pregnancy can be both a joyful and a scary experience. Some parents plan to have a lot of children so that when twins come along it is a blessing in disguise as it seems like two pregnancies for the price of one. But it is far from this. Fraternal Twin pregnancy truly is a week by week experience that goes a lot slower than pregnancy with a sinlgeton. Most mothers of twins will testify to this with the symptoms being much more pronounced and days are no longer 24 hours long - more like 48!

Becoming pregnant with twins is a very exciting time for all expectant mothers. However it is also a very scary time for many mothers too. Every day goes along so slowly When different things happen you dont know what to do e.g Bleeding or Heartburn or Sickness. Going to the doctor can seem like the only solution and it is the best thing to do in all circumstances no matter how big or small you may feel that your own problem is.

First Few Days of Twin Pregnancy

The first few days of twin pregnancy is quite a scary time. Not only is it quite frightening to find out your are pregnant but that you are having two wonderful healthy babies. The are a lot of advantages to this also as we will also look at as the site evolves. Twin pregnancy means one baby will be company for the other inside your womb Twin pregnancy means two for the price of one though its two for the price of two Twin pregnancy means extra scans and attention from fetal assessment and doctors Twin pregnancy means 2 joyful healthy living miracles inside of you Twin pregnancy means added allowances from the state Twin pregnancy means earlier maternity leave in some cases Twin pregnancy means instant family

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Here we will go through the different weeks of your twin pregnancy so that you can keep track. I have even included the amount of hours left until the big day although do not go strictly by this. 50per cent of twin pregnancies are where the woman gives birth BEFORE week 37. Always remember though there are healthy living miracles living inside you and though its a stressful time these guys or girls are tough.

Twins are nearly always born before 40 weeks and then they can be kept in hospital for quite a while too. However the wait is all worthwhile for all the joy they bring to you.

Time goes quite slowly as you wait for the last few weeks and the aim is to get as near to that 37 weeks as possible.

How long does a twin pregnancy last?

Well in order to answer this question there are a number of factors to take into consideration. But the important ones are the weight and size of the unborn twins. Arrival time can vary enormously during twin pregnancy from anything to 29 weeks which is very high risk to 39 weeks which is 99.9% safe. Remember however that nowadays as technology and medical practices improve by the day the survival of twins is growing by the day.

What are pregnancy symptoms like during a twin pregnancy?

Unfortunately as you will see on the week by week rota by side the symptoms of twin pregnancy are much more exaggerated than during a single pregnancy. There are 2 humans inside of you so I guess it is just a case of double trouble. However some people escape much of the symptoms of nausea, backache and heartburn after the first trimester while for other poor unfortunate souls the pain goes on throughout all of their pregnancy. The second trimester is when you will find that you have the most energy and some women even take up exercise at this time.

What should I do if spotting or bleeding occurs during twin pregnancy?

The first thing to do is not to panic though this is hard to do. Ring your doctor initially so that he can see the extent. Mainly spotting and bleeding occurs during the first 8 to 10 weeks of twin pregnancy. Your doctor will usually tell you that everything is fine and only to come back to him if cramps are really bad, maybe like a really bad period. You will normally find that most of the bleeding stops after week 10.

What are the chances of miscarriage for twins?

Again the chances for miscarriage for carrying twins is higher than for a single birth. In most cases the end of the first trimester is safer as the babies become stronger and their features all begin to develop much more than before. In a small percentage of cases miscarriage can occur later in the pregnancy but this usually happens when the woman has an underlying conditionand smokers are slightly higher risk than non smokers. Pamper your pregnant belly and make the babies feel loved and safe and take things easy.

When are twins most likely to be born

Overall according to US Data some 60.4% of Twins are born before week 37. Every country is different though and these figures vary from country to country. 12% of Twins in the US survey were found to be born before week 32. Therefore it would conclude that 47.6% were born between week 32 and week 37. And calculating the final sum 39.6% are born week 37 to week 40. Twins can be born up to week 40 or even beyond but usually a caesarian is done before week 40.

What is the most likely birthweight for twins?

Not easy to calculate as all twins are different but if they are 5.5lb to 6.5lb this is a good base. Twins much lighter than this survive too as their inside organs have developed. Also important is how long the babies are in the womb for and as we saw previously 35 to 37 weeks is the general aim for this.

When should I pack my hospital bag?

It would be advisable to pack your hospital bag for your twins around 28 weeks. That is have your bag in the car at week 28. I know that this seems like an eternity too early but it gives you peace of mind for that one more worry. Also consider asking your husband to bring anything into the hospital that you may have forgotten. Its his job!

Do fraternal twins last longer in the womb than identical twins?

Generally there is not much difference but it has been observed that fraternal twins do tend to stay up to 38 weeks in the womb on average whereas identical twins will usually last until 37 weeks. A lot depends on the weight of course and on the mother herself.

What are fraternal twins?

Fraternal twins are when there are two seperate sperm that form two seperate eggs in the womb. Generally these dizygotic twins have less risks than identical twins and will even stay longer before labour as they have their own sack. A fraternal twin is not identical to its peer and it is similar to having two seperate babies but at once. Enjoy!